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Technically speaking, it’s not that I actually think that there can be “benign” surveillance networks, since there should be none of this Orwellian stuff in the first place.

Some networks are not actively malignant, by which I mean they are not attempting to harass, manipulate, make up lies, etc.  It may be more accurate to say that with some networks whose surveillance properties I’m aware of, if they have any direct or indirect negative or mixed repercussions on my life or the lives or the lives of others, I remain (more or less comfortably) ignorant of this.

In contrast, some networks are actively malignant in relation to your community.  (An example you are familiar with are the NSA)

In contrast to a malignant and intrusive network, a parallel passive network for the purposes at hand can be considered “benign”, even regardless of origin to an extent.  A benign network obviously can become actively malignant (manipulative, intrusive, destructive in other ways) at a later point in time.

The effects of the very wide-ranging, very actively intrusive, habitually deceptive and corrupt, habitually on a self-righteous crusade against one thing or another, malignant network that I became aware of a few years ago are present in the world today.  I’m unsure of what these effects are in the larger scheme of things; this is kind of a big question.  Certainly the practices of this network are corrupt, deceptive, and very self-righteously intrusive and strongly manipulative.  I don’t think I even have to add, “from my perspective”, since this has by now been acknowledged by everyone.  Of course the other feature of this network is self-characterization as “art” (sic) or as some self-professedly benevolent force that has a moral right to act in an intrusive manner, or as an experiment.  What they are doing is nothing short of warfare waged against an individual, and each of those are clearly immoral and unjustifiable grounds for this sort of destruction of individual life.  If it can be done in this domain, then the momentum and the complacency exists for this to be done to others.  This societal tendency as such, as it transfers between domains (surveillance — > military occupation, etc. — > ecological racism — > etc. ), within the soul (or conscience or whatever) of an individual, as well as a tendency in groups, is my (or our) enemy.


When a battered woman or an abused child is in public, what does she want to say to the passerby?  She can say things to them that would fall on deaf ears if she told her abusers. Would you imagine that she wants to scream about what is happening to her?  Make a scene in public?  Break all social conventions just for the hope of getting someone’s attention?

What if she lived in a society in which everyone is complicit with what is happening?

What happens when your abusive reality isn’t domestic anymore, it’s only “domestic” in the geopolitical sense of the word?

Or for that matter, what if the secrets your abuser has you keep are now multi-national? What went on in public in broad daylight were an unspeakable secret, and what would you do if there were no one you could turn to for help?

What can’t you say because it’s too personal?  What beliefs or stories do you refrain from relating because you know you’ll sound crazy?

Do you have security clearance?

Are you a private or a public figure?  (Or, which one are you in which context?)

Would you scream a secret in public?  Are you a “whistleblower”?  Would you be one if you had less to lose?

I started this blog on a rather high-falutin’ note, intending to both research and post on the technical and newsworthy seeming aspects of surveillance by US government agencies or perhaps other institutions. But, I’ve decided to adopt the idea that what someone should speak about publically should be the things they’ve learned organically, over a period of many years, and not information that they’ve awkwardly put together an hour ago or something. So this blog will initially be about that side of surveillance and relevant forms of institutionalized violence.